Amazing spandex men’s tights. Made in the USA and they look like they are painted on you.

The crazy boys at Koalaswim have just added the most amazing compression sport tights for men on their site. These are tights with a Koala flare which means they are sexy as hell. Fashion tights you can wear for working out in or a night on the town, any way you go you are going to attract a lot of attention. These tights look like they are painted on your body. There is a line of pouch centric tights which not only show off your ass and legs but they make your bulge the central visual effect of the designs. Available in spandex including wet look spandex and matt finished supplex fabrics these creations are designed and manufactured in the USA and the craftsmanship is nothing short of stunning. These are the most beautiful men’s tights I have ever seen. To top things off they are offering male to female transformation tights which will blow your mind. They bring new meaning to the idea of exploring your feminine side.


Make sure to take a look at all the new spandex brief designs including micro shorts, bikinis and thongs just added as well!


Getting an Impossible Swimwear Brief


I recently found a site that was selling a really sexy swimwear brief design that I had never seen. Being an aficionado of this type of swimwear, I thought it was rather odd that I hadn’t seen them in the past. I have seen just about everything in my life as it pertains to swimwear, especially anything having to do with the basic brief designs. But this was something completely new to me and I wanted to own them desperately. The funny thing is that the site they were on didn’t ship to where I live now so I couldn’t order them.

I spent days looking around online for the same men’s swimwear brief design on that site, but it was the only site that had them. I was racking my brain trying to figure out a way that I could get this design shipped to me, but nothing was happening. I had no plan and I felt like my entire life was going to slip under the rug and never be seen again. That was until I found a forum where a guy happened to live in the exact town that these certain briefs were being created.

I convinced him to allow me to have my new swimwear brief designs shipped to his house and then I would pay him an extra fee to mail them off to me. It took me some time to convince him but, once we started our little partnership, I knew it was going to last. I now have seven other guys that love the swimwear designs I have been buying and I pay my friend a little extra for every order we fill. I get to wear the sexiest briefs ever and he gets to make some extra cash in the process. It truly is amazing how something as simple as swimwear can connect people in this day and age.

Itching to Wear My Swimwear Brief


I have a great swimwear brief design that I want to take out to the beach, but it has been too cold for that lately. I wish I lived in a place where the beaches were full of people all year long, but when you live around the Great Lakes; that just isn’t going to happen. I could just imagine the looks I would get if I were to take my new briefs out in this kind of weather. When summer does finally get here, though, I am wearing them on the first day.

Some guys have told me that wearing men’s swimwear brief designs is the easiest way to go and some have said that guys shouldn’t be wearing things like that. I think that wearing different swimwear is something that all guys should try out just for the fun of it. Having something in your life that sets you apart from everyone else is the key to exploring this life and that is what I try to do as often as possible. Of course there are times when I have been known to take it a bit too far, but not with my swimwear.

I want people to see that these new swimwear brief designs are perfectly okay for guys to wear so when the warmer weather comes in I will be heading to the beach. If there are guys that don’t agree with what I am wearing, then that is fine. They don’t have to agree if they don’t want to. I am living my life for me and not for them anyway. I want to experience the fun and excitement that is out there and this is just one of the ways that I can do that. Besides, they are much more comfortable than any of the other swimwear that I have worn over the years and that is pretty important to me, too.



Erotic Swimwear Brief Designs


Some of the swimwear brief designs that I have seen online are quite shocking to me. I know that designers aren’t just selling these designs to guys like me, but I can’t imagine a beach where some of these items would be legal to wear. Maybe it is a sign that I am just getting too old to understand things like this. But I truly feel that some of these items should be worn in the privacy of a bedroom rather than out in public where people can see them. The public, though, is where guys are taking them these days.

I have seen a few swimwear brief designs being worn that looked rather sexy on the guys wearing them, but I know I couldn’t pull them off at all. Naturally, it makes me sad to think I would look a fool in something like that, but, again, I am getting older now. I am sure that I could have worn something when I was younger that would make everyone around me stare in wonder. There wasn’t anything like this around when I was younger. We were lucky to get something that was cut above our knees back in those days.

I would love to be young and free in this day and age so that I could wear some of the men’s swimwear brief designs I have seen. I have taken a look at quite a few of them online and know that I would have enjoyed them not too long ago. Maybe I am not too old to wear something like this and I just think I am. I think I might pick a couple of these designs out and try them on anyway. Who knows? Maybe I will start a trend with older men and women and we can all enjoy ourselves in the sexiest way imaginable.



Swimwear Brief Might Be a Safe Choice


If you happen to be among the many shy men in the world, a men’s swimwear brief might just be the safest choice for you when it is time to start shopping for a swimsuit. Think about it for a second. There is nothing threatening about a brief. In fact, these items are probably the most normal of all swimsuits for men. Every man has worn one of these items at some point in time during their lives so they are familiar with the way they look and feel. They not going to feel weird wearing this brief because it is not something that is so totally different that they have to be afraid of it. Instead, they can simply slip right into them and go about their business.

The swimwear brief is exactly what men need that are not all that brave when it comes to trying out new types of swimsuits. This brief molds itself to the body in a way that is comfortable and, as long as the guys don’t look at themselves, they won’t know just how hot and sexy they appear. Of course, this is for guys that are too shy to even check themselves out in a mirror before heading out to the beach or a swimming pool. For those men, once they look into a mirror while wearing these briefs; all bets are off. They will most likely go diving for that pair of old swimming trunks that do absolutely nothing for them in the way of flattery but they will feel more at ease in them.

When you start shopping for your new men’s swimsuits, just keep in mind that a swimwear brief can be one of the safest choices that you will ever make. It feels right and it can very well make you look delectable whether that is what you were trying to do or not. This works out exceptionally well for men that are not all that comfortable with themselves or are shy to the point of experiencing sheer terror when they know they are heading out into a very public place where they will be appearing almost naked. As long as they avoid mirrors on the way out.


The Gift of a Swimwear Brief


Lots of women turn to a swimwear brief when choosing a gift for their men. Male same sex couples also have men choosing briefs for each other as special gifts. In this way, they can show their partners exactly how sexy they are because the briefs will be chosen with extra care. These gifts can be for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, or just a sweet way to say I love you. That may be why there are so many different styles, colors, prints, and designs available for purchase. There really is something for every occasion when it comes to briefs of all kinds.

When you genuinely want to give the gift of a men’s swimwear brief to that all important and special man in your life, there are, of course, some things to consider. One of the most important is the taste of the man in question. Keep in mind his favorite color and types of things he likes. For instance, some men would get a huge kick out of being presented with a pair of briefs with cartoon characters all over them while other men would hate that. Those men may prefer no designs at all but, rather, solid colors that will flatter them. Therefore, you will need to know if your intended gift recipient is loud and raucous or quiet and sophisticated.

Body type is another consideration that needs to be heeded when buying a swimwear brief for a man. Most men can find something that will be at least somewhat flattering to their bodies in the brief style of swimsuit. The only ones that you may have some trouble with are those men that are quite huge, as in obese. However, it should be comforting to know that there are even briefs for those guys, too. You might just have to look a bit harder to find some that will actually work to flatter them at least a little.



The swimwear brief question.

The words swimwear brief can be a little confusing. What constitutes a swimwear brief? The description I use is a swimsuit design range from the smallest micro G-string up to the hot new micro spandex shorts. In between those designs you would have Speedos, bikinis, thongs, micro swimsuit designs, string bikinis, male enhancement style swimsuits, male to female transformation designs and hybrid styles of the ones listed. The swimwear brief does not include surf shorts, boy shorts, board shorts or virtually any other men’s swimwear style that offers a baggy non form fitting shape. Often you will hear someone ask about a pair of bikini briefs. Bikinis are the most popular swimwear brief styles. They are the standard fare on European beaches and over the last few years have become extreme popular in the USA. In many Asian markets the bikini is the standard go to designs for many men. The Speedo brief is very popular with athletes worldwide and can be found at swim meats, triathlons and many beach sports including volleyball and jogging. As a swimwear category overall most of the designs come in spandex and are wonderfully tight fitting to show off the curves of the male form. Sexy swimwear briefs are an upcoming part of the market and the trend I find most fascinating. I love these new sexy styles for men which allow the wearer the freedom to show as much skin as he dares. Sexy is not just for the ladies any more!




Your Favorite Swimwear Brief


Lots of men have a closetful of swimwear and that’s not surprising anymore. However, it is very easy for even those guys to have a favorite men’s swimwear brief that they automatically choose when they are going out to the beach for the day. This is something that is extremely comfortable for them and easy to wear. In fact, most of the time they simply forget that they are wearing anything at all. It’s this type of mindless appreciation that makes these briefs so fantastic for taking out to the beach.

You might not have a favorite swimwear brief just yet, but that will change soon. The more of these briefs you purchase the greater the chance of finding one that you simply can’t live without. There is a feeling in the pit of your stomach that will tell you when you have found that special brief. You will also try your best to figure out ways of wearing that particular design whenever you get the chance. I always find it fun to sit back and imagine the different places I could be wearing mine. Especially when I am at work and have nothing better to do with my time.

My favorite swimwear brief is the first one I ever purchased. I know that isn’t very special to most guys but, to me, it was a reminder of the fun and excitement I was looking for in my life. The fact that it gave me all of that and even more just made it easier for me to decide on it being my favorite. I can’t think of a time when I haven’t had that brief design handy so that I could put it on at a moment’s notice. That is what you will be doing whenever you come around to finding a favorite for yourself, too.


My Favorite Swimwear Brief Style


I have a lot of swimwear brief styles that I enjoy wearing but only a handful of them would be considered my favorites. I am sure there are guys that feel the same way as I do about the swimwear they own, too. In fact, I have a friend that tells me his favorite style is the current one he is wearing, no matter what that style might be. He really doesn’t understand the concept of favoritism, I think. It is just that he swears that he is only going to buy the same style from that moment on. Then, the next week he has a completely different style to add to his list.

I have one or two swimwear brief styles that I prefer to wear, but I can only take one of them out in public. The ones that I truly enjoy wearing are so skimpy that most people would think I was trying to flash them or something. I would probably get into a lot of trouble wearing them out on the beach. Thankfully, I have a pool in my backyard so I can wear them anytime I want to without any hassles from strangers.

If you have a favorite men’s swimwear brief style, you should be able to show them off to others. I have some friends that love seeing me in my favorite styles even though the public at large would probably throw things at me if they could. Having friends like that is a good thing as far as I am concerned. Just make sure that your favorite designs are the ones that you are willing to wear the most. It is difficult to have a favorite style when you can’t stand to wear them for very long, unless they are used strictly for sessions in the bedroom with your significant other that is.


2Hot_Thong_05 Thrill_Pouch_Bikini_02 Slit_Boy_01

Swimwear brief designs for men

The classic swimwear brief means so much more today. Once it was all about Speedos. Speedos are the classic swimwear brief but now there are so many more styles that fall under that category. A brief can be a bikini, Brazilian cut swimsuit, micro shorts and even those lovely little thongs. Men now have almost as many choices as the girls. Sexy swimwear designs are just about main-stream on many beaches. This blog is all about the skin tight wonderful designs that have been created to show off a man’s body. We will feature great model photos, the hottest swimwear styles, new swimwear trends for men, the best beaches, the most amazing pool parties and so much more. I will even have regular guy photo postings featuring guys like me! Regular men who love wearing sexy swimsuits.

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Micro brief by Koalaswim